Calgary, Alberta, Canada


When it is hard to let go...

Sometimes our relationships with our belongings brings comfort like old friends -- and they are hard to let go.  And learning that our kids aren't necessarily interested in taking them can be disappointing.  We understand and can help you preserve the memories and then move on to declutter and downsize your space.

  • Scheduled, manageable sorting sessions to: keep, tag for family, sell or donate
  • Respectful guidance on which items will work best in your new space or your reclaimed space
  • Provide a custom floor plan with furniture placement, paying particular attention to mobility and safety considerations
  • Pack and ship special treasures destined to friends and family
  • Identify high value items that may benefit from a professional appraisal
  • Separate and tag items for sale by: auction, consignment or online
  • Arrange and oversee sales process and proceeds on your behalf
  • Unsold items to charity as appropriate
  • Properly dispose and recycle goods in accordance to city bylaws
  • Ensure proper clean up

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