Calgary, Alberta, Canada


We are here to help you...


Plan for a stress-free move




  • Connect with professionals to help you choose your next home
  • Contact resources for home medical and mobility considerations
  • Separate the move process into manageable steps & actions
  • Draw custom floor plan with furniture placement options
  • Schedule sorting sessions, packing sessions, cleaning sessions
  • Schedule a coordinated move with a professional mover
  • Oversee the move plan, manage schedule, resources, transfers & budget


PACK for a perfect fit




  • Help pare down and pack only items for a ‘new home perfect fit’
  • Pack, inventory and label boxes to assure safe transport
  • Pack and ship promised items to friends and family
  • Inventory list to account for the placement/distribution of goods
  • Catalogue larger unwanted items for sale, auction or consignment
  • Manage sale, donation or proper disposal of remaining items



PLACE every item with care



  • Pre-inspect your new home to ensure it is clean and ready for move in
  • Give special attention to mobility, safety and access precautions
  • Carefully unpack and place all your belongs just where you want them
  • Test transferred services and electronic devices to ensure they work
  • Take away packing materials
  • Offer an orientation session to familiarize you to your new surroundings
  • Return in a few days for any adjustments and make sure you are happy 🙂